48 Hours in Rome, Italy

In May, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go on a graduation trip with my housemates from university. We packed a lot of travel into two weeks, but kicked off our adventure in the beautiful city of Rome. This post is my travel guide and best suggestions of things to see in one of my favourite destinations in the world.

This was my second time in Rome, and I was elated to bring my best friends there and see them experience everything the city has to offer for the first time. Here are the highlights of our two day stay, and some tips along the way!

Location, Location, Location

We stayed in a beautiful airbnb just one block away from the Pantheon. This apartment is in the Piazza Navona area of Rome, which is where I would suggest staying. This neighbourhood is 15 minutes walking distance away from most famous attractions in the city, making it great for easy access to all Rome has to offer. The apartment was located in Piazza Capranica, and was the perfect home away from home for us.

Our Rome Apartment


The Trevi Fountain

Our first stop on our first full day in Rome was the Trevi Fountain. This is one of my favourite destinations in the city. Pictures totally don’t do it justice, it’s even more impressive in person! We made our wishes and threw our euros into the water, then took about a thousand pictures. The Trevi is in a very small Piazza and can get crowded, but the view is very worth the crowds!


The Pantheon

This is one of Rome’s oldest standing buildings, dating back to roughly 125 AD. The architecture is remarkable and it’s definitely a must see. The dome is infamous for its beauty, and wandering around the interior allows for an amazing view when you look up.


The Colosseum and Forum

I think this is a must see if you plan to visit Rome, Roman history is engrained in the structure and it’s a ruin that is incredible to see in person. It allows you to take look back into ancient times along with the Forum. It’s 12 euros to see both which is a very reasonable price for access to both!

The Vatican

Even if you aren’t Catholic, the Vatican is something to see. Vatican City itself is large with lots to see. We picked a tour that included breakfast, and saw the Vatican Museum as well as the Sistine Chapel. The line up to see St. Peter’s Basilica was quite long so we skipped out on that, because it was 30 degrees and we had pants and long sleeves on! If you don’t want to spend too much money, walk to St. Peter’s Square and take pictures there, it’s worth seeing!

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps was our last stop in Rome, and it was definitely worth seeing. It’s situated in a very upscale area of Rome in Piazza di Spagna, that has lots of designer stores around. There are 135 steps that are relatively easy to climb, although in the heat it can get sweaty! The views from the top are breathtaking, and well worth the walk up.





Carbonara is a pasta dish made with beaten eggs, pancetta, and spaghetti noodles. This is a Roman favourite and was on every restaurant’s menu!IMG_7546

Best Carbonara Recipe


Obviously gelato is a must all over Italy, but Rome has particularly amazing flavours. The chain Venchi ended up being our favourite, with tiramisu being my favourite kind.

Venchi Gelato

Prosciutto in all forms

Salty meat is up there with my favourite group! We visited an amazing restaurant recommended by my boyfriend that made just about the most fresh sandwich I’ve ever tasted. It had prosciutto, zucchini, and cheese on it and I wish I could have it everyday!

Baguetteria del Fico


Even if you aren’t a wine lover, I’d encourage it wherever you go in Rome! Red seems to be the more popular option and every glass I had was better than anything I’ve had here in Canada.


Let me know if you’d like to see guides to other places I went to on my trip! Hope you enjoyed!




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