Top Three Southern Cities

Over the holiday break, I was able to take two trips, one to Fort Lauderdale, Fl and another to Atlanta and Savannah, Ga. My family lived in Atlanta for a short time and used to love spending weekends in Savannah, while Florida has always been an affordable vacation spot to kick back and relax. This post is a quick guide to these beautiful cities, with everything you need to see whether you’re visiting for a couple days or for a week!

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48 Hours in Rome, Italy

In May, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go on a graduation trip with my housemates from university. We packed a lot of travel into two weeks, but kicked off our adventure in the beautiful city of Rome. This post is my travel guide and best suggestions of things to see in one of my favourite destinations in the world.

This was my second time in Rome, and I was elated to bring my best friends there and see them experience everything the city has to offer for the first time. Here are the highlights of our two day stay, and some tips along the way!

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